Your pose is the priority and our priority is your party

POZE Retro Mirror Booth

Old-school design meets cutting-edge technology

Combining the classic charm of days gone by with the latest in photo booth fun, the POZE Retro Mirror Booth is an eye-catching addition to the party.

Adding a vintage feel, but packed with advanced imaging technology, guests can’t help but be drawn to the POZE Retro Mirror Booth.


The fun starts the moment users step up to the Retro Mirror as voice guidance as well as gesture and movement detection helps them get the perfect poze.
Perfect personalized pics and GIFs come to life as users can sign their selfies, draw on a message or even add emojis.
And if that isn’t enough, you can also host your own interactive “Screaming Contest”!


The POZE Retro Mirror Booth is fully customizable, with the chance to brand or tailor the booth to fit your event theme or corporate branding.

Social Sharing

This retro beauty doesn’t just create fun in the room – with the option to share your photos and videos direct to social media, your old-school vibes could go viral online!


From themed animations, filters as well as branded intro screens, the options for customization of the POZE Retro Booth are limitless.

Add our trunk full of bespoke, colorful props and you’ll soon hear the sounds of laughter and excitement!! 

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