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POZE Mirror Me Booth

Step up to a world of fun. The POZE Mirror Me Booth is unlike anything your guests will have seen

Packed with colorful animations, an engaging voiceover and all fully interactive, this really is no ordinary mirror.

This is interactive, photo technology at its best.

From the moment they touch the screen, guests will be guided on a poze-filled journey where they can play to their heart’s content.


Featuring the latest in customizable photo technology, the only limit to the fun is the users’ imagination.


The selfie just got even more personal with customized animations, stamps, filters, emojis as well as a signature feature that gives guests the chance to add a personalized message to their photos.


Make the fun last longer with printed keepsakes for every user to take home as well as the chance to share their perfectly pozed images straight to social media.


Tap into your guests’ silly side and cause a stir as they let loose their creativity and make their very own GIFs and Boomerangs!


Add the box full of quirky and colorful props and you’ll soon hear the sounds of laughter and excitement!!

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