Your pose is the priority and our priority is your party

POZE Beauty Booth

Beautiful design, beautiful images

The clue is in the name

Elegant and stylish, the POZE Beauty Booth would be the perfect addition to your vanity.
But it is so much more.


Featuring the latest technology and software, the beauty of the booth isn’t just in the design.

Guests are immediately drawn to the halo of light and captured by the colorful animations playing on the screen.
The magical mirror is perfect for smaller events where you want to capture all the glamour and glitz of the occasion.


Add an extra touch of glamour with the beauty filter, which automatically enhances each selfie to make users look their absolute, flawless best.


Guests will absolutely love diving into our trunk full of beautiful, themed props that will make their selfie even more spectacular.


Make those moments even more personal with touch screen photo signing as well as the option to add emojis and custom filters to their perfect pozes.


Unlimited retakes, social media sharing as well as social media games all add to the fun and excitement of capturing a still image or GIF on the POZE Beauty Booth

Simply Elegant

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