Your pose is the priority and our priority is your party


It’s tough out there
Brands and businesses need to stand out from the crowd and connect with consumers

But how do you do that in a crowded marketplace?

Consumers today want to get to know you, understand your brand and hear what makes you different.

What makes you special is how you connect and resonate with your target audiences!

Poze KC can help

Our photo booths are the ideal way to interact and engage.

We use live events and brand activations to tell your story and connect you with customers in real time

We partner with brands, individuals as well as PR and marketing agencies to help create impact.

Whether you are looking to raise your profile, launch a new product or target you consumers, Poze KC can help.

Photo booths are the perfect blank canvas, allowing you to incorporate corporate logos, brand imagery and even event hash tags.

Working together we will help you create experience that will create powerful connections between you and your consumers.

And that’s not all!

We don’t just raise brand awareness in the room. Every user gets to take away a printed image feature your choice of branding, logo or messaging

And your campaign will last a little longer, travel a bit further and might even go viral as users can’t help but share their images and GIFs straight to social media.

Poze KC understands how tough it is to stand out.

Get in touch today and let’s make an impact together

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